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Shekinah Motsa

Shekinah Motsa is a vocal and spiritual powerhouse who embodies the maturity, wisdom and talent of a person twice her age. She leaves her audiences speechless with her poise, vocal maturity of a veteran and the anointing of someone way beyond her years.

She truly is a breath of fresh air! Bringing a fresh, new face and sound in contemporary Gospel music, like many before her, she cut her vocal teeth in church. A pure love for music has sprung a fully-fledged professional music ministry.

Discovered by the best in the Swazi and South African music industry in the Women in Praise competition back in 2014 and lauded for her impeccable vocal skills, it is no brainer that this singer-songwriter represents the next generation of contemporary Gospel artists.

2015 saw her share the stage with Women In Praise during their Recording of the live in Swaziland DVD/CD . In 2016 she got to open for legendary group Joyous Celebration during their concert at Mavuso Trade Centre Eswatini.

She has gone on to perform in a number of churches around Eswatini during her church tour dubed ‘ARISE OR DEBORAH’ which was well received in the church communities. With her vocal savvy that is well documented, Shekinah is well on her way to becoming a household name.

Her Single will be coming out soon and she cant wait to share with the world.


  • Benjamin Dube Sanctified in His presence CD/DVD Launch 2015

  • Woman in Praise Launch - 2015 SD

  • Recorded with Swazi Praise - 2015 - SD

  • Worsip Encounter 1 - 2016 SD

  • Shekinah Motsa Live in Concert - 2016 - SD

  • Spirit of Praise Launch - 2016 SD

  • Vaal gospel Festival - 2017 SA