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Nkhosiyabongwa Dlamini

Nkhosiyabongwa Dlamini,, is just a humble God-fearing young lady who loves Jazz music. Clearly modest and unaware of her innate gift to control her audience through her vocal abilities. Her voice awakens the inner parts of the human soul.

Life, as she knew it four years ago, changed when she auditioned as the lead Jazz vocalist of the band The AfrOctaves at the SWAMA T55 National Talent Search in 2015. Before then, she had never performed for an audience on a stage, let alone, auditioned in any music competition. She still can’t get over the fact that the band made it to the semi-finals.

She is awfully pleased that she agreed and was part of the whole experience. Because quite frankly, that is how it all began for her and she has been nurturing her talent ever since. She believes music expresses feelings which words alone cannot and that as beautiful and very powerful as it is, she too sees it as a perfect way to touch souls, mend hearts, heal people emotionally and feed souls.

Simplistic and Natural on her approach her sound is a blend of soul and Jazz.. Nkhosiyabongwa draws inspiration from a number of Soul/Jazz musicians like Esperanza Emily Spalding, Chantae Cann and Somi to name a few.

Her most memorable performances include:

    • Youth Jazz Sessions (2018) by Into Music Society
    • Let’s Jam with Itallo

The only way is up for Nkosiyabongwa Dlamini. She would like to see herself singing good jazz music and performing from place to place with the jazz musicians who inspire her right now. She ultimately would like to become an international Jazz musician.

Artists Collaborations

Hardly five years in and Nkhosiyabongwa has already worked with some rather talented folk. Some of the artists she has worked with:

  • Paseke Tefu (SA)

  • Yonela manna Sa

  • Lebo Mabe SA

  • Ndumiso Dlamini

  • Bongani Bheki Masina (SA)

  • Itallo Dlamini

  • Judah